• How much does it cost to stay at HKbK*?

The price per person begin from 20 GEL/per night

  • How to make a reservation at HKbK?

To make a reservation at our hostel please email us at: hostel.kutaisi@mail.com

  • Am I required to make a prepayment?

No, we only accept payment in cash on arrival.

  • How to get from the Kutaisi airport to HKbK?

For our guests we have free shuttle service from the airport.

  • How to get from the bus station to HKbK?

The main bus station is located at Chavchavadze Avenue 67, just behind McDonald’s. In order to get to our hostel you can either take a cab (it costs max. 5GEL) or take a bus number 1 (the bus stop is on the other side of the street). Get off the bus after around 10 min., when it passes the red bridge and follow the map which you can find in CONTACT US.

  • Does HKbK provide meals?

Yes, breakfast on request for 10 Lari/Person. Each of our three buildings has a fully equipped kitchen where our guests can prepare their meals.

  • Where in Kutaisi can we buy gas cartridges?

Gas cartridges are being sold by Georgian Bus at the Kutaisi airport.

  • What currency should be taken to Georgia and where to exchange it?

It is the best to take Dollars or Euros as they can be exchange in every exchange office in Georgia. Some of the offices are open 24 hours.

We do not recommend exchanging money at the airport.

*HKbK – Hostel Kutaisi by Kote